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Gastro - Intestinal Disorders

Homeopathy and Its Role in Treating Mental and Emotional Problems.

Preventive Measures of Seasonal Allergies

Homeopathy has great proven worth in dealing with many digestive com­plaints. However, be aware of certain warning symptoms which should not be ignored. An early medical opinion and diagnosis is important in the follow­ing situations:
»   sudden severe abdominal pain;
»   vomiting, especially if accompanied by abdominal distension;
»   weight loss which is not from deliber­ate dieting;
»   alteration in the normal bowel habit, either with persistent looseness or constipation;
»   bleeding from the back passage.

This symptom refers to the burning sen­sation that the individual experiences as acid is squirted into the oesophagus from the stomach. A sensation is felt rising through the chest up to the back of the throat.
Calcarea carbonica is very good at relieving chronic heartburn in chubby people who get cramps in the stomach, really burning heartburn and who belch noisily. Often they get a sour taste in their throats after belching. Milk often disagrees with them and produces heart­burn and indigestion, whereas for most people milk helps.
When heartburn and regurgitation occurs after only small snacks then Lycopodium will probably bring relief. Typically, the heartburn only spreads up as far as the Adam's apple, but it tends to last for hours at a time, despite antacids or milk. The stomach often feels bloated during these episodes.
Pulsatilla is indicated when heart­burn is associated with the taste of a food taken hours before. Fatty foods, butter and pork seem to cause these bouts of heartburn, and it is more likely to occur when they are peeved about something or with someone. They rarely feel thirsty.

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